What's covered on a 2 door, 4 door and SUV?
Below are some examples of the windows that we cover when tinting your car, truck, SUV or van. Sometimes there are small quartier panel windows not shown in the examples, but we cover those in most cases. What is not shown above is the windshield film, which is available at an additional cost. Windshield film is clear so it does not affect visibility; however, it will reduce glare and protect the interior from UV and heat. Most important it will protect the people inside, but also prevents your dash from cracking over time. Having ceramic tint all around is the absolute best thing you can do.
Types of window tint films available
Budget window tint at value priceBudget
A great value on window film for the price-conscious customer. This film will be a good choice primarily for the privacy of people and the vehicle’s contents. While this film does not have ‘scratch-resistant’ properties, it comes with a 2 year warranty that covers bubbling and peeling.
Dyed window film with lifetime warrantyGood
This dyed film comes with a lifetime warranty. All lifetime warranty films cover cracking, bubbling, peeling and discoloration. Heat rejection is good and will help keep your car and its contents cooler. Dyed films can discolor after so many years, but the warranty covers that.
Metal films with lifetime warrantyBetter
Metal film available with lifetime warranty. This film will provide much better heat rejection during those hot summer months. No more waiting for that steering wheel to cool off! Metal tint also holds the color much longer than entry level films. Either way, you’re covered nationwide.
Ceramic top of the line window tintsBest
The ultimate in window tint is our 100% ceramic series. This film will never fade or discolor. It provides the highest levels of heat and UV protection. Also available is a clear ceramic film for the windshield, which is the biggest culprit for heat. You'll love how well it performs.
Questions and answers
  • How do you install tint?
    We use a computerized plotter to cut film based on year, make & model of your vehicle. This also allows us to Micrco-edge where you won't see light gaps when you roll windows down. We also do windshields and back glass in one peice, no seams!
  • Do you tint windshields?
    We use a virtually-clear film that rejetcs heat and reduces glare. Sold separately.
  • What tint shades do you carry?
    30%, 15% and 5%. The percentages indicate the amount of light it allows through it. The lower the number, the darker the film.
  • Does removing old tint cost extra?
    Yes it does. Most of the time, stripping tint is a lot more labor intensive than applying film.
  • How long does it take?
    We guarantee same-day installs. We ask that you drop off in the morning, and we'll call you that afternoon when done.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    Yes, you can schedule by clicking here, or you can call us during business hours at (866) 869-3035.
  • If legal limit is 25, why don't you carry 25% film?
    Although you can see clearly through plain glass, it is in fact not 100% transparent. Usually 96 to 98% visibility. If we applied 25%, your tint would meter under 25% and you would get a ticket or fail state inspection.
  • I just got my windows tinted and I see some bubbles, why?
    It's not uncommon. Don't be alarmed. We ask that you allow the film to cure onto the windows for at least 2 weeks. Meanwhile, you will see some streaking, hazing and even small bubbling. If after 2 weeks you still see issues, let us know! You're covered!
  • What does the warranty cover?
    Lifetime films are covered against bubbling, cracking, peeling and discoloration. Value films have a 3 year warranty and cover bubbling.