We offer films with lifetime nation-wide warranty that covers cracking, bubbling, peeling and delamination/discoloration. FormulaOne® series films and 3M® Crystalline series are lifetime warranty films. These films are of very high quality and not only do they look good, but they reject more heat that most other films.

FormulaOne: Classic

The non-metal film of FormulaOne’s Classic Series utilizes the latest dyed film technology to provide supreme color longevity for your ride’s windows. Complete with a no color change warranty, the FormulaOne Classic Series will give your windows a soft charcoal look that is aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. This top-notch protection comes in light, medium, and dark shades, allowing another level of customization for your car. This is a perfect everyday window tint with a lifetime warranty, so you can be worry-free.

FormulaOne: Comfort

For a major step-up in heat-rejection performance that doesn't sacrifice classic style, FormulaOne’s Comfort Series is the clear choice. Increased color-fade resistance and passenger UV protection is all thanks to the unique metal alloy bonded to a special, dyed layer of film. Windows tinted with FormulaOne’s Comfort Formula look cool and keep you cool! This is our most commonly sought out window film due to its versatility and affordability. All FormulaOne® window tint comes with a lifetime warranty honored at any official dealer.

FormulaOne: Pinnacle

The technology utilized to produce the Pinnacle® Series of films makes it the most state-of-the-art film today. With advanced electronic systems in today's vehicles, it's vital that a window film allow optimum performance at all frequencies. Non-metallized, non-conductive nano-ceramic technology works to maximize your window’s heat and ultraviolet rejection, allowing for less strain on your car’s air conditioning while still keeping you and your passengers cool. FormulaOne’s Pinnacle® series is the ultimate in protective performance.

Promotional Window Tint Specials Available

Get your car tinted for less at Custom Sounds! Our entry-level films come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty and are of high quality. It's not just for looks. LLumar films reject heat and UV. Protecting you and your loved ones from the damaging rays of the sun. This will also protect the interior of your car from cracking and peeling as it acts like an anti-aging shield.

2-Door vehicles: $99
4-Door vehicles: $129
Sport Utility Vehicles: $149

* Pricing may not include all models. Some vehicles, such as older Chevrolet Corvettes for example, are considerably curved. These vehicles are quite labor intensive and may require an additional labor charge.

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