Remote Start and Alarm Systems


1 Way Systems

1 way alarm and/or remote start systems are a cost effective way to secure your vehicle. Good range on the remotes. You would visually confirm that your vehicle is armed or if it started.


2 Way Systems

2 way alarm and remote start systems are a great way to confirm your vehicle's functions without having the car in your view. It sends feedback to your keyfob with indicators.


Smart Start Systems

The Smart system for alarms and remote starts has virtualy unlimited range. You would be able to lock, unlock, start and even locate your vehicle. Works with iPhone or Android.


Remote Start Only

If your primary concern is getting your car to warm up in the cold weather, or cool it off when it's hot outside; then this is the system for you. Ask about making your factory fob work!


Alarm systems are only as good as the installation!

We take the time to solder and heat shrink every connection we do which gives you an air-tight water-tight seal that won’t corrode. Other shops use tape, t-taps or butt connectors that are used for speed but are prone to reliability problems. We catch the power and the ground directly from your battery and not at the fuse box. The way we do it makes it much harder for a thief to disable.

All of your wires under the hood including the siren and hood pin are split loomed to look factory. Our wiring looks like your factory wiring. We hide the alarm brain in different locations in each install we do and we cut all the wires to length so there are no rat’s nests of wires behind your dash. All of our work is backed with a lifetime warranty; we have been in business since 1987.

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