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ESCORT MAX 360C Model: MAX 360C Escort

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ESCORT’s premier portable offering - the MAX 360c - showcases first-in-class connected car technology.  The MAX 360c automatically connects to ESCORT Live via the connected car, upgrading your transit with real-time intelligence, from crowd-sourced reports to the latest local speed limit data.   MAX 360c offers large filesize firmware updates over Wi-Fi - a portable detector industry first - quickly and automatically.

With lightning fast processing, the MAX 360c keeps up with you on the go.  Best-in-class filtering keeps your detector alerts accurate and precise, avoiding unwanted false alerts.

ESCORT’s patented automatic, anti-falsing AutoLearn technology utilizes MAX 360c inbuilt GPS to learn and automatically reject undesirable false alarms.  No manual intervention is required.

The MAX 360c OLED display is customizable with multiple color schemes to tailor-fit to your driving experience.  Multidirectional arrows surrounding the display point you to the source of the threat.

The MAX 360c keeps you up to date with the latest fixed threat locations via ESCORT’s own DEFENDER database.

Incorporate the ESCORT ZR5 laser shifter (sold separately) in your setup for the ultimate in driving defense.

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