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Focal ES165KX3E


CS Item: Focal ES165X3E

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Details about the Focal ES165KX3E

ES 165 KX3E is an in-car audio kit consisting of two 6 1/2” (165mm) woofers and two 3” (80mm) midranges that cover a wide frequency spectrum, from a rich, dynamic midrange to deep, precise bass.

The speaker drivers are fitted with Focal’s iconic K2 cone in aramid fibre, an exclusive, performance-focused cone for deep, powerful and perfectly defined sound.

For perfect reproduction of the treble and midrange, the kit includes Focal’s FRAK tweeters, made from aluminium/magnesium and with an exclusive ‘M’-shaped profile. They deliver ultra-realistic, crystal-clear sound. Coupled with bi-amplifiable audiophile crossovers and angled brackets, the tweeters will fit seamlessly into the passenger compartment, for perfect in-car sound immersion.

The aramid fibre cone inherits all of Focal’s unique know-how. Composed of an ultralight foam core, sandwiched between a thin layer of aramid fibre and a layer of fibreglass, it combines 3 key factors when it comes to acoustics: rigidity, lightness and damping, for sound that is as precise and dynamic as it can get.

The ‘M’-profile TKME tweeter extends the frequency response to 22 kHz with an even greater reduction of distortion, for smooth and precise diffusion in the high treble. Coupled with a ‘push-pull’ motor, based on IAL2 technology, it achieves very low resonance frequencies for perfect harmonic balance.

The ES 165 KX2E and ES 165 KX3E kits are equipped with Focal's ‘M’-shaped FRAK tweeter. A revolution in Car Audio, it combines aluminium and magnesium for good frequency lowering and superb damping. Its lightness helps it shine in the high treble

The progressive spider on the K2 Power speaker drivers is built around a progressive section to reproduce all the impact of the bass and increase the linearity, precision and dynamics of the sound.

The Radial VC cooling system for the speaker driver coil expels hot air from the coil towards the bottom of the motor through 6 holes. This improves control over the coil temperature, limiting the effects of heat compression and improving reliability. This improves the dynamics of the speaker driver and generates a powerful sound.

All the components used for the K2 Power crossovers have been specially selected and optimised to better control the effects of heat dissipation. These components are essential for managing the various channels and the soundstage reliably and efficiently.

The ES 165 K2S and SUB 25 KXS kits have a shallow depth. This slim profile takes up minimal space whilst maintaining exceptional power handling.

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