Can you believe how far along we've gotten? Some of us still remember 8-track players and a time when cell phones didn't exist. Today, we are highly dependent on cell phone technology. With traffic getting worse, we are also spending a lot more time in the car. So why not bring the 2 most popular phone platforms right into the dash of your car? That's basically what Apple Carplay and Android Auto do.

What exactly is Apple Carplay and Android Auto?

Apple Carplay

Carplay is an interface on the car radio that when connected to an iPhone, will display numerous icons from your phone and allow you to access them. If you can use an iPhone, you can use Carplay with ease. Let's have a look at some screen shots below from a Carplay unit connected to an iphone.

As seen in the screenshots above, you can access tons of icons. Control everything from the screen without ever havinng to reach for your phone. This makes for a more enjoyable drive and more importantly, safer. Tons of map options available if you don't want to use iphones maps. Google, Wayze and much more.

Instead of texting while driving, use your voice. Carplay can read back your messages and ask you if you want to reply. It'll play your voicemails and anyting that siri can do. A great companion, if you will.

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Android Auto

For Android phone users, a mirroring feature is available called Android Auto. This allow you to not only display, but conntrol your phone from the raduo in your car. Access all of your apps including maps, text, phone and more. You can "Hey Google!" all the things you need without ever having to pickup our phone. Nifty, huh?

You can now do all of this wirelessly. This is true for both iPhone and Android Auto. Lets have a look at some sceenshots from the Adroid auto interface...

It's easy to love your radio these days. There really isn't a winner here between Apple's Carplay interface and Google's Android Auto platform. Both are rapidly imrpoving and addig more and more functioonality with each update. So there really is no reason to decide which one you should get. If you have an iPhone and you love it, you'll love carplay. Same goes for Android users and android auto. Besides, as these 2 giants conntinute to improve, soon all radios will be able to manage both in one unnit.

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